Ensemble of paired houses Trident

Name: Ensemble of paired single-family houses
Period: 2007-2008
Location: Selimbar, Sibiu county
Phase: Finished
Surface: Ac=156,92 square meters, Ad=418,80 square meters
Height: P+E+M

Through the efficient use of a new lot with irregular shapes and conditional access, we respected in the end both the requests of the beneficiary regarding the investment’s optimization and the rules regarding sustainable development of residence areas. The 14 houses part of the ensemble, benefit of car and pedestrian traffic, additional parking spaces, green areas, exterior design and urban furniture. The simple volume faces the street through a simetrical facade, marked by the two stair houses and it opens through generous vitreous surfaces towards the inner courtyard. Because of its reduced footprint area on the soil, the functional organization is developed on three levels: the day area is on the ground level, and the night area is on the I st floor and mansard area.