About us

  • • Geometrica was founded in 2004 by associates Nicoleta Balog and Sergiu Dinulescu, both architects. The company integrates all types of services belonging to the area of construction design, in order to offer a complete answer to the customer’s requests.
  • • Our projects promote lasting architecture, which is correlated with our efforts to raise the phenomenological quality level of the site in which we intervene. Our projects range from buildings for public institutions or for industrial purposes, to niche-residential houses.
  • • We believe in design and integrated planning. All these come together in an unifying approach adapted to the project’s individual requests and according to the agreed terms and conditions.
  • • Every project is a new challenge for us and each time we succeed to top the expectations and the required standards, through an original GEOMETRICA approach.
  • • The architecture promoted by us is defined by a special way in which we handle the weight, the space, the volume, the texture, the light, all with the goal of reaching an esthetic, functional and exclusive result.
  • • Our experience has helped us understand that the way we perceive the all, depends on the quality of the things it is made from. This is why we study and analyze the trend, but our goal is to suggest new, innovative things, one step ahead of the present trend.
  • • Because of the need for diversity and continuos novel in the area of architecture, we created a team of collaborators who can satisfy both the exigencies of our projects and the ones of our clients. Our experience in the area, our continuos concern for modernization, development, the practice of competitive prices and the pursue and good management of the projects, are our advantages.
  • • The concepts promoted by us are part of the current trends and they are derived from the minimalist current in architecture, characterized by simplicity, precision, extreme limitation regarding both the content and the shapes, the use of geometrical shapes and solid color prospects as well as organic textures.
    • •  The act of design is structured in five main directions: architectural quality and technique, flexibility regarding choices offered to the client, adaptation to the client’s requests, efficiency and intelligent allocation of resources.
    • • The use of specialized softwares, NEMETSCHEK Allplan, Maxon Cinema 4D, FEAT gives us the possibility to present the client with full range 3D modeling services, animation, presentation, photo-rendering, estimation and optimization of the structures, from the first phases of design until the completion of the project.

The Geometrica Team

Architect, OAR member. Graduate of the The Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning- Technical University of Cluj-Napoca - class of 2000. During his student years, he participated in August 1998 at a Workshop on “Social Housing” organized by the International Academy of Architecture, in Ledenik-
Bulgaria. In the year 2000 he won an Erasmus scholarship for a period of 6 months at Institute Superieur D’Architecture Saint-Luc de Wallonie from Liege – Belgium. Between 2001-2004 he worked for several architecture companies from Cluj-Napoca and Arad, and in August 2004 he became partner at Geometrica.
Arhitect Sergiu Dinulescu-Ioana
Architect, OAR member, RUR (PUD-PUZ) certified. Graduate of the The Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning- Technical University of Cluj-Napoca- class of 2000. During her student years, in October 1996 she took part in a student exchange organized by the University of Liverpool - England and Technical University of Cluj-Napoca,
thus following for a month time the classes of the „School of Architecture & Building Engineering”– Liverpool. In August 1998 she participated at a Workshop on “Social Housing” organized by the International Academy of Architecture, in Ledenik-Bulgaria. In 1999 she won an Erasmus study scholarship for 6 months time at Institut Superieur D’Architecture Saint-Luc de Wallonie from Liege – Belgium.
The same year,1999, she participated at a 2 weeks training about “Planninig in real, multidisciplinary contexts” through a Socrates program organized by„Facolta di Architettura” from the Polytechnic of Torino-Italy. Between 2000-2004 she worked for an architecture company from Arad and in August 2004 she became partner at Geometrica.
Arhitect Nicoleta Dinulescu-Ioana
  • Tehn. Daniela Munteanu – Engineer - employed.
  • • Arch. Deaconu Remus Octavian – Architect, OAR member – employed - Graduated in 2012 – The “Polytechnic” University from Timisoara, Faculty of Architecture.
  • • Engineer Viorel Boldor – engineer with signature rights (S.C. GEOMETRICA ENGINEERING S.R.L. – statics) - Structural project Engineer - Graduated in 1996 – The “Polytechnic” University Timisoara, the Faculty of Construction, CCIA specialization - Partner at S.C. GEOMETRICA ENGINEERING S.R.L. since 2005.
  • • Engineer Dorin Iovici – engineer with signature rights (S.C. GEOMETRICA ENGINEERING S.R.L. – statics)- Structural project Engineer
  • Graduated in 1993 – The “Polytechnic” University Timisoara, the Faculty of Construction, CCIA specialization
  • - Dissertation made through JEP TEMPUS stage between March-June 1993 at Universite de Liege, Faculte de Sciences Appliquees. - Master degree, specialization in ”NEW STRUCTURES AND TECHNOLOGIES FOR CONSTRUCTION”, at The “Polytechnic” University Timisoara, the Faculty of Construction and Architecture, in 2003. - Energy auditor for buildings, I st degree, construction and installations specialization (AE I c.i.) - Partner at S.C. GEOMETRICA ENGINEERING S.R.L.


Our team of architects and engineers provides complete architecture design, urban planning and civil engineering services:
  • Consulting: evaluation of locations, opportunity and investment estimates.
  • Feasibility studies: obtaining european funds.
  • Urban planning: urban planning studies and documentation PUD, PUZ;
  • Architecture projects: for obtaining the Urban planning certificate and the Construction authorization.
  • Static engineering design: obtaining the Construction authorization.
  • H.V.A.C. projecting: thermo-ventilation, air conditioning, electrical, plumbing systems;
  • Elaborating the technical projects for execution: architecture, statics, H.V.A.C.
  • Verifying the projects, through certified technical verifiers;
  • Elaborating and verifying the fire security scenarios;
  • Elaborating technical expertises by certified technical experts;
  • Cadastral services and topographic mappings and elevations;
  • Elaborating geotechnical studies;
  • Consulting for choosing the contractor.
  • Technical specialized assistance on the construction site and monitorization of the implementation.
  • Interior design.
  • Elaborating  the Job specifications notebook.
  • Elaborating work estimate costs according to each work categories.
  • Elaborating energy certificates.
All details connected to the project’s implementation will be referred to in the projecting contract agreed and signed by both parties.
Fee offers are personalized for each project depending on the architectural program, the construction area, the complexity and detail level of the project and the investment’s location. People tend to neglect the projecting process in favor of the execution phase. The quality of the project will determine all of the following: the execution costs, the maintenance costs, the quality of usage, so our advice is DON’T NEGLECT THE DESIGN PHASE!